iPhone・携帯電話・スマホならソフトバンク ラクアル・オダサガにお任せください!小田急小田原線「小田急相模原駅」徒歩0分。 同駅ビル「ラクアル・オダサガ」2F。

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Welcome to Softbank Rac-al Odasaga!

We have english-speaking staff! Please call us to check for working hours.

Help you in English with…

  • New Contract (Mobile phone)
  • Upgrade phone (No number change)
  • Phone bill payment
  • Repaire mobile phone
  • home internet
  • Transfer contracter
  • contract cancellation
  • Changing monthly plan
  • etc


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Contact… to send us any questions!

お気軽にお問い合わせください TEL 042-702-4533 営業時間:10:00~20:00

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